Are Your Online Videos Newsworthy? Get Listed in Google News!

No doubt, getting your online videos listed on Google News could drive traffic to your site. But how do you submit them? Google News is a news aggregator service which means that it collects headlines from other news sources such as the Associated Press, USA Today, Reuters, and Forbes. Unless your Internet video is hosted on one of the major news sites, the chances of it being listed on Google News are slim. However, there is a backdoor: YouTube News.

As you likely know, Google purchased YouTube in 2006. As the owner of YouTube, Google does a bit of cross-promoting. If you look at the Google News site, you’ll see a link to YouTube News. Click the YouTube News link and you’ll find newsworthy online videos from around the world as well as local news videos based on your IP address.

In order to get your online videos listed on YouTube News, and by extension Google News, you will need to apply to become a YouTube Partner. In order to qualify for this program, you must meet minimum qualifications including:

  • Your online videos must be original and “suitable for online streaming”
  • All uploaded audio and video content must be owned by you or you must have express permission to use and monetize the content
  • You must have a presence on YouTube with regular video submissions and thousands of viewers

Keep in mind that even if you meet these minimum qualifications, other criteria may be used to judge whether or not your online videos are suitable for the YouTube Partner Program. For example, Google will look at your Web site and YouTube channel and may disqualify you if you upload videos, music, images, live performances, movie or television visuals, video game or software visuals, and other content without express permission from the content’s original creator.

Once accepted into the YouTube Partner Program, your newsworthy Web videos will be listed in YouTube News. If you allow your online videos to be embedded on other sites, then it is possible that your Web videos will appear on the Google News site itself.

In addition to gaining exposure, YouTube partners are eligible for revenue sharing. You can opt out of revenue sharing if you are not interested in monetizing your online video content.

So, are your Internet videos newsworthy? Making newsworthy videos doesn’t mean that you have to report on crime, sports, or the weather in your community. Just as you put a news slant into your press releases to the local newspapers, so too can you create newsworthy Internet videos. When thinking about producing a news video, consider the following:

  • How does your product or service relate to current events?
  • What has your organization done lately that deserves press?

For example, if your community is currently suffering from a high crime rate and your organization manufactures anti-theft devices, you might create a news video detailing crime in your community and how citizens can protect themselves. Because this is a news video rather than a marketing video, you will need to go easy on the sales pitch. In addition to relating your product or service to current events, create a news video whenever your organization “gives back to the community.” If your employees team up for a good cause, publicize it! Not only would an online video detailing the charitable activities of your organization make for good news, it builds good will and shows that your organization cares.

If you’re already producing video press releases, applying for a YouTube Partnership is the next step.