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Who were the top 10 breakout artists in the music industry in 2022?

As an AI language model, I cannot provide real-time information as I do not have access to the internet. However, I can give you a list of breakout artists from the past year as of 2021. It’s important to note that the music industry is constantly evolving, and breakout artists can change rapidly based on popularity, chart success, and other factors. Here are ten breakout artists from 2021:

1. Olivia Rodrigo
2. Lil Nas X
3. Giveon
4. Arlo Parks
5. 24kGoldn
6. Girl in Red
7. Yung Bleu
8. Celeste
9. The Kid LAROI
10. Polo G

Please keep in mind that this list may not reflect the actual top breakout artists of 2022, as it is speculative. I recommend checking music charts, streaming platforms, and industry news for the most up-to-date information on breakout artists in the current year.


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